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Glass Claims: What is it?

June 30, 2021

What is glass coverage?

Glass coverage is additional coverage you can add to your insurance policy to help repair or replace a damaged windshield. Another name for this term is “windshield coverage.” You may be thinking, “I probably will never use it.” However, you can never be too prepared for mother nature and other unexpected surprises.

Driving behind semi on the interstate? Well, this is a common way cars become prone to getting cracks in their windshield. Rocks kickback from trucks all the time. Baseball season is during the summer months. Guess who must replace their windshield if a baseball cracks it? You, not the team! Having glass coverage is beneficial and can give you peace of mind in case anything like this occurs.

Steps to take before filing a claim

See what your insurance covers

See what your current policy covers before filing a claim.

Ask how your policy will be affected

Some insurance companies will not allow a claim this small affect your rates. However, if your rates will increase or count against you, it may be best to just come out of pocket and get your windshield fixed yourself. Ask your agent before making a final decision.

Get it checked by a professional

Finally, take your car to the auto shop and get a quote on what it will take to fix it. If the cost is very minimal, it may not be worth it to file a claim through your insurance and run the risk of raising your rates. Especially if the cost to fix the windshield is only around $100. Filing a claim may not be necessary.

Sometimes we ignore minor cracks in our windshield because it’s not easily visible to the eye. But, ignoring them for too long will eventually make them worse and make your windshield more vulnerable. It’s best to address the issue immediately. Give your agent a call to figure out if you have glass coverage and what the steps are to filing a claim.

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