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Halloween Activity Ideas for Families

October 15, 2021

Halloween is right around the corner! Many individuals are accustomed to trick or treating, watching scary movies, or going to a haunted house. There are so many more activities that can be done for Halloween!

We’ve compiled a list of fun activities to do with the family or friends for this upcoming holiday!

Flashlight Tag

What’s better than tag on a spooky night like Halloween? Flashlight tag! The same rules present in regular tag are still valid, the only difference is that this must be done during the nighttime hours. Because it’ll be dark, every participant must carry a flashlight. It’s a ton of fun with the family.

Lantern Crafting

Utilize your arts and crafts skill and create lanterns with the family. Use lunch bags and cut different shapes and unique designs in them. After you’re done, place sand at the very bottom and insert a battery-operated candle in there. The sand is used to hold the candle in place.

Candy corn Bingo

Candy corn bingo you say? It’s easy! Find a bingo card with a Halloween theme and switch out traditional chips for candy corn! Beware, you may not retrieve every piece of candy corn that you started with.

Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Get everyone up and active with a custom scavenger hunt! Decorate your home with some spooky décor and pass out a list of Halloween theme items that everyone should look for. Winner gets a treat!

Create a Candy Wreath

You may have a hard time covering the wreath, considering there will be candy everywhere. Crafting a candy wreath is easy, simple cover it with candy of your choice! Actually, it doesn’t exactly have to be a wreath, it can be an object in the shape of one.

There’s a ton of fun activities you can do on Halloween that are safe and will create memories. Try one of the above tasks above and tell us how you like it!