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How to Safely Store your Holiday Decorations

January 10, 2021

The Holidays are finally over! A breath of fresh air, right? No more planning, cooking, or decorating until later this year. This is a big load off a lot of our shoulders. Now that the Holidays have passed, it’s time to pack everything away. Yes, your Holiday decorations that you’ve been avoiding for two weeks now.

Each household uses a variety of decorations during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of these decorations can include:

  • Wreaths
  • Ornaments
  • Outdoor and Indoor String Lights
  • Porch and yard décor
  • Gift wrapping material
  • Tinsels
  • Artificial Christmas trees
  • & More

Here are simple steps you can take to properly store Holiday Decorations.


Before you begin to pack your decorations, you need some sort of organization. How you organize depends on what makes the most sense to you and what will make packing easier.

For example, you should group all packing supplies together, all gift boxes, all fragile items such as ornaments, all Christmas tree branches, etc. Ensure every item is grouped with similar items and the first step is done.


Now that your decorations are grouped together, it’s time to pack them! For more fragile items, you may want to ensure they are not loosely stored and ensure you utilize boxes versus bags. For packing supplies you can easily store them in bags without having to worry about damage.


Looking to store that snowman you always place in your front yard? You may want to store bigger items in your garage. Storing ornaments? Be sure to keep them in a safe place where they won’t be liable to getting stepped on or broken by children.

While these are probably simple steps that most take when storing Holiday decorations, we wanted to simplify the though process and put it into writing. Pack away!