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Improve Your Bad Air Day with Indoor Air Quality Control

May 17, 2020

Air quality not the best in your home? This is something that can easily be fixed and needs to be taken -seriously. This is especially true with everything that’s happening with COVID-19. Air quality can not only affect your health but the health of your loved ones.

In fact, although many people speak about the topic of pollution and how bad the air that we breathe can be bad, the truth is that the air inside our homes can be equally as bad or worse. This simple fact shows how serious we have to take the air quality within our residences.

How to Improve Air Quality

Increase Ventilation

Many believe that increasing ventilation in one’s home involves slinging open a door or window to bring in outside air. This isn’t necessarily true. Like we mentioned above, outside air can be just as bad because of pollutants in the air. One way we can bypass this is ensuring that there are screens on all our windows that helps protect us against some of these pollutants lurking outside. Does this mean you can never open a window or so? No. You can but ensure that you have screens in place for protection. This should especially be done in rooms where there are many electronic devices. These can release chemicals when the heat generated from them comes into contact with other elements in your home.

Besides opening a window, turn on your AC! When utilizing your air make it a practice to have the A/C on “auto”. Turning it to “on” can promote mold growth.

Clean Regularly with the Right Products

Cleaning your home on the regular is a good feeling. You feel accomplished because your home is not only presentable, but you got rid of every single pollutant in the house when your sprayed your Febreeze or cleaned with detergent. Right? Wrong. Individuals fail to realize that some cleaning products have pollutants of their own and can tend to bother

While ensuring superior air quality is something that should be done frequently, we couldn’t help but to push the seriousness of this simple tactic during COVID-19. Keep yourself and everyone safe by providing proper ventilation inside your home.