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Snowblower Safety 101

February 10, 2021

Winter looks different each year, depending on where you’re geographically located. One variable that remains constant is that there will always be snow to shovel! To make things easier you may be using a snow blower to relieve pressure from your back. However, the downside to using a snow blower is that it’s not particularly the safest.

An interesting fact stated by the Washington Post shows that “roughly 9,000 Americans have lost a finger (or two, or three) to a snow blower-related injury” over a 12-year period. These are serious injuries that could have been avoided!

We’ve compiled a list of safety tips to be cognizant of when utilizing a snow blower this season.

Keep your hands AWAY!

When using a snow blower you may try to unclog the chute with your hand. This isn’t the smartest thing to do! If the power is turned off, their still may be power leftover that can cause the blades to move after being unclogged. The last thing you want is for your finger or hand to be vulnerable if this were to happen.

Wear the right attire

Although this may be overlooked, proper attire is needed when using a snow blower. Wearing loose fitted clothing is risky due to clothing getting caught in the machine. Wearing boots with good traction is recommended as well to avoid slipping and enduring personal injury.

Rest when needed

Depending on how much snow has accumulated overtime, you may have your work cut out for yourself. This is why one of the most salient things to remember is to take a break. Pushing a snow blower may relieve pressure from your back since you’re not shoveling, however, it’s still hard work. With that being said, you can place too much stress on yourself and actually put a strain on your heart.

Provide maintenance

Ensuring your tools are well maintained will prevent stress from having a poor performing snow blower. We’ve established that having your hands in the snow blower to fix issues is dangerous. Keeping it maintained will lessen opportunities for you to have your hands too close to begin with.

Beware of the cord

One of the most common challenges that occur when using a snow blower is tripping over the cord. If your snow blower is electric, you do not want to run over the cord. This can affect your snow blowers functionality.


Taking initiative and getting rid of snow when it first falls instead of allowing it to drastically accumulate is key. This is less work on yourself and reduces risk involved with using the blower.

Bob Oetting & Associates wants everyone to be safe and warm this winter. Follow these snow blower safety tips to prevent injury and stay safe.