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Winterizing your home during the fall

October 11, 2021

Fall is a tolerable season for most, it’s not too hot or cold for the average person. This makes fall the best time to prepare for the winter, which will bring cold temperatures, depending on where you live of course. Prepping your home for the winter time will save you a lot of problematic expenses. Freezing temperatures bring many unforeseen setbacks when it comes to

Keep the cold out

Block out all drafts that typically come through windows. Not only will this help lower your heating bills, but it’ll provide overall comfort for you and your family. Consider installing thermal lined curtains or drapes, in place of your regular lightweight curtains. You can further block drafts from coming through your door and windows by weather-stripping, recaulking, or installing door snakes.

Secure the roof

Your roof is probably one of the most expensive components of your home if damage is caused. If your roof is aging, it can drastically increase your heating bills and will be prone to water damage and leaks. When checking your roof during the spring, always check for:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Accumulated debris that should be removed
    Any mold or moss that indicates your roof has water damage

Two other ways you can be proactive is installing a snow guard and investing in a snow roof rake.

Ensure heating system is functional

This should be the first stop on your checklist. Going months without using the heat system requires you to do some testing to make sure its functioning properly. Ensure your heating system will heat when needed during the cold months.

Part of your system includes vents and air filters. In order for warm air to flow, you must ensure your air filters are changed and your vents are cleaned. This allows smooth air flow without disruption.

Secure the pipes

Pipes is another very costly issue to fix if they happen to freeze during the winter. Be sure to insulate exposed pipes both indoor and outdoor to avoid this. If your family tends to take an extended vacation during the winter months, be sure to turn your water off altogether. You won’t be there to monitor it, which leaves room for a lot to go wrong while away.

Check your fireplace

Having a fireplace is all fun and games until debris, Animal nests or creosote begin to build up. This is a very hazardous situation. Considering that fireplaces are mainly used in the winter time, it’s best to ensure your fireplace is thoroughly cleaned by a professional during the fall months.

This gives you once less headache to deal with.

While this list can consist of several other tips, these are the core tips that we think every homeowner needs to do every fall. You’ll thank yourself for avoiding unnecessary expenses and headaches. Being a homeowner should be FUN, so don’t make it hard.